Rhymes with Dark Persimmon

My favorite drinking game ever is Kings.  I don’t remember how to play it anymore, but I do remember one category is rhyming.  My siblings and I used to party together, and we’re also good at rhyming games.  If you wanted the person next to you to have to drink, you could say “orange” because nothing rhymes with it!  Anyway, I painted the top half of the kitchen dark persimmon which is a fancy name for orange.  I love it.

Here it is freshly painted:
Hmm, that’s a very orange wall, isn’t it?  I thought it needed a little something, so I got a panel of fabric and stuck it in an old poster frame.


I have the wine rack hung, some butterflies that I got for Christmas, and I just need some curtains.  When it’s all done, I’ll post the after pics.

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What a difference some paint makes!

The playroom is painted!  We still need to add trim, because I took down the trim that only went half-way around the room.  Shh!  Don’t tell the landlord!  I don’t think he’ll have to big of a problem with it.  He said to do anything that would improve value, and I think matching trim all the way around is an improvement.

Remember the “befores“?  Compare to now:
In this pic, Kiddo is telling me about Brett Favre when he was still a Packer. He was playing whatever year Madden when Favre was on the cover.
This one shows the truest color of the “Hawaiian Sky” blue. I taped some fabric to the window to try to decide on curtains. They’re going to be red big print on the top and white with a small red floral print on the bottom. I’m going to paint the inside of the window frame white. The wood isn’t even sealed or anything on that window. Then, I’m going to build some storage units and benches and shelves. I found this website: Knock-off Wood!  I’m also going to re-cover that glider rocker in some fun red and paint the TV stand bright red.  It will be fun.

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Hats and Walls

When I saw this hat on ravelry, I knew I needed to make one for Girly!
It’s extra cute when she’s bundled up in all her snow gear. I’m making one for Kiddo next.

I have also been working on the playroom downstairs. Here are some before shots. I shoved everything into the middle of the room.
The kids are excited because for some reason a wave of craziness overcame me, and I told them they could help me paint.
Seriously, who decided paneling was a good idea?
I already have one coat of primer on the paneling walls and it makes a huge difference!

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How can she, Already be… Three?

It was Girly’s birthday the other day! It can be summed up with sugar, pink and sparkles! I let her have M&Ms for breakfast, and then spaced out when we went to coffee and let her have a brownie. You only turn 3 once, right! She wanted a pink princess cake. Pink princess cake is what she got!
It’s 2 layers of regular yellow cake with pink food coloring added and 2 layers of this deliciously pink strawberry cake!  I frosted it with cream cheese frosting.  That’s when I started running into problems.  The cream cheese frosting is kind of slick, so it wasn’t sticking like it needed to.  On to plan B…I fear no fondant!  Any time I work with fondant icing, I pretend I’m on Food Network Challenge.  I just need a little more practice 🙂

Overall, I think it turned out pretty good!  I do have to remember that N does not take flattering photos of me or of cake.  Too bad the camera died before I could take a fully lit, head on cake shot.
Oh yeah, and Girly was afraid of the candles, so her brother ended up blowing them out!

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Reinventing the Wheel

Kiddo wanted plain blue mittens. Not striped or cabled or anything fancy–plain blue. That’s fine. I love making mittens, and kids’ mittens are super quick projects. So naturally, I went to ravelry to check out kids’ mitten patterns. Have you seen the commercials on TV about internet search overload? That’s how I felt. There are quite a few patterns, but none were quite what I needed in the right gauge or with the right needles or with my favorite 3×2 ribbing. So, I just went off the top of my head.
That’s Malabrigo worsted, my absolute favorite yarn! Kiddo seems to like them okay! I’m going to crochet loops on them to hook to the velcro on his coat sleeves.


So now I’m wondering, should I post my notes to add to the overload?

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Whatever Works

I have kind of weird kids. Everyone does though, right? We let Kiddo play with N’s old X-box. We have created a monster! He likes race car games. He likes to crash his cars on the race car games. He runs upstairs and tells me I have to come see his smashed up car. See? See? It’s smashed! He also wants N and I to play 2-racer with him. I don’t really want to play race car video games, but I do sometimes because I’m nice. Kiddo’s latest ploy to get me to play: “I found you a pink car that has a nice smile like you!”
Girly’s latest toy of choice is strings and hair ties. Here she has made a mountain. She also likes to string them up and make jewelry. Wonder where she learned that from! 🙂
Both of them have a new snack of choice. Candy apples. Not real candy apples, though. I slice the bottom of an apple off and hand it to them by the stem. Voila, candy apple because it has a stick! Whatever works!

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What’s that they say about insanity?  Repeating the same thing and expecting different results?  I don’t know why I clean my house then!

I’m finally starting to paint, so here’s the before of our kitchen:

I painted the off white color.  The off white wasn’t horrible, but the people who lived here before us were gross.  The walls were very dingy.  Notice the knobs on the cupboard doors?  Aren’t they ugly?  I want to replace them, but door handles get pretty pricey with that many cupboards; plus, the hinges are also a lovely brassy-bronze color.

Another before:
N gave up shoveling at that point and took up the landlord’s snow blower offer. I had shoveled 6 inches off that sidewalk the day before. Luckily, it was fluffy snow

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My new blog

Now that I’m unemployed and have time on my hands and live in a new state, I decided to start a new blog.  That also means I will upload pictures and all that fun stuff, too.

We’ve been here for over a month now.  So far, so good!  We live in a good neighborhood near the university and elementary school and water park.  It’s a small town, about 25,000, but there’s a lot of stuff crammed in here!  Kiddo (formerly referred to as Goozle but no longer wants to be called that because it’s a baby name) started school today.  Girly was furious.  So, we went to get coffee instead.  A lot of people who live here are not from here.  One of the women at the coffee shop was from Oregon; another was from somewhere down south.  Apparently, South Dakota is like a giant magnet!  I know I’ve been trying to convince people to move here ever since we moved!

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